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March 3, 2018
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March 8, 2018

3 Life Lessons I Learnt While Vacationing

3 Life Lessons I Learnt While Vacationing

I recently went on my honeymoon…Thanks for all the kind thoughts and words. While I was on this honeymoon, I had this constant thought going through my head. Never before have I had this but once I took the time to hash it out, I realized why.

See since I’ve become self-employed my constant thoughts are on how to build my business. As most business owners understand, it’s really hard to turn that off. Especially if it’s new and needs to grow. But I always try to want to live my life in the moment. It has always served me well and I highly recommend it. Of course it’s tough to do on the daily but think about it for a moment. You can’t change yesterday and only your moment today can you shape the outcome of tomorrow. So sitting on the couch and wishing or dreaming for things to happen isn’t going to work. You only get out what you put in.

It was this very thought that made me realize that while on my honeymoon, I could live in the moment and at the same time shape my future. So what is it that I’m actually rambling about? That’s the core of this blog. I was away from my work and everyday life for 3 weeks. I was forced at times to just be me and live in the moment. I was forced to just let go and BE. We were at times on Islands with no internet or phone service. There was no TV or distractions, I literally was forced to just be. I was forced to sit and watch life in the now.

It was during these moments that I learnt some amazing lessons. Ones that I will and must apply to my business. See where we went was the Philippines. An amazing tropical paradise that has some of the friendliest people I have ever met. But a lot of these people really have nothing more than their day-to-day. Some live a very simple life, but it’s this simple life that is fascinating to me.

So what is it that made me so excited to come back and apply to my business? That’s the true purpose of this post. Lets get into it now.

Here are the lessons I learnt and hopefully will help you too.

  1. Travelling is less familiar – It’s true that when you go to places that you’ve never travelled sometimes could be scary. But it doesn’t have to be. By travelling to the unknown in life you are forced to be creative. There will be moments of even the most planned out trips that will be unexpected. On this trip we planned a few places that we wanted to go. But there was a moment in time, 3 days to be exact, that mother nature decided to change these plans. A Typhoon came rolling in and we were stranded on an island with no way off. All the ferries off this island were cancelled for 3 days. What were we to do? This is when you could fold and cry to mom or hide in the corner. Or…or you can do the very thing that Entrepreneurs are great at. Be creative….This is that exact moment in life that you must trust in your travel buddy, your intuition and make some choices. Get creative and think outside the box. Being forced to be creative is a great thing in life. It helps you be spontaneous and pick up some new tricks for your trade. Some of these tricks may be those of the locals. But these are moments that you will be able to integrate into your business.
  2. Time spent in the fresh air – There is something in the air. This is an age-old saying, or at least I think it is. But in this case it couldn’t have been more true. This fresh ocean air and early morning sunrises changed my energy levels. We were up early and excited for our day ahead. Instead of stuck in the same day in and day out routine. By changing these routines, I’ve been able to come back with a renew sense of energy. I wake up earlier and head to the gym more. I want to live healthier and focus more on local things. I have this constant thought now of being more involved with my community. I now know that be so, it will be good for my soul but also my business. There is more to come with this. As I spend each day adding to this thought. I’ll keep you updated as I do. But for now just know that by spending time in fresh air you will have more energy and more focus. This focus can help you in your goals for your life.
  3. Gaining New Perspective – Exposing yourself to new cultures will be valuable in your future. Gaining a new perspective for life helps you realize what it is that you have. You may have everything at your fingertips back hame. But when are surrounded by those who don’t, you gain a certain sense of humility. It helps you to realize what you may have, or maybe what it is that you truly want. I sometimes find it hard to do the things I need to do in my business. But by seeing kids in the streets doing these very things. Some are failing at epic rates, but they just keep on going and trying again. Most people have a hard time with failure, they think about what people may think about them. So when you realize and focus on not caring what others think about you. You will get that much more ahead. I mean truly, who cares what people think about you. If you like what you do and you work on being successful…amazing. Of course there will be those who say you can’t or won’t. But go to any other country that is focus on JUST LIVING. Working for pennies to feed their family. You will gain perspective for what you have. You may get rid of things you absolutely do not need. You may just pick up a little tip that will work for you business today. One tip I picked up was to stop caring so much about what others think about me. As I saw kids constantly asking me to buy something from them or if they can do something for me. When I said no thanks….they didn’t cry and crumble. They moved on to the next and the next and the next.

I hope that this lessons make sense to you and that you can learn something from them. That’s all I want for you.

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