#PoMoLife: Congrats to all of our Fall 2019 BUYERS and SELLERS!
November 28, 2019
April 23, 2020

#PoMoLife Ep. 2: Gabi & Jules

This time we stopped by Lucas’s favourite sweets spot Gabi & Jules. There were so many choices! I was VERY full by the end of our visit but still managed to order two extra doughnuts “for later” and they were AMAZING. One of the things I love most about Port Moody is the culture. Kindness and Inclusiveness is a major theme in this town and Gabi and Jules is helping set the tone. If supporting good, honest businesses gives you the warm fuzzies treat yourself to a treat this week! I am taking a sabbatical from pie. I’m sure everyone understands it is not personal.

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