April 23, 2020
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September 28, 2020

Leila and Andrew – Upsize Success Story

Leila and Andrew were ready to Upsize! A few years ago they moved to Queensborough to afford a brand new townhome to raise their 2 children. After a few years they decided it was time for more space and they missed the culture in Port Moody where they grew up.

Their children, Jack and Taia, were getting too big for the tiny townhouse bedrooms. The catch! They had built equity, but they really could not afford much more than they would get for the sale of their townhouse. 

Leila wanted a detached home. She always dreamt of a nice yard with vegetable garden potential, but Andrew did not want to be on the hook to mow the lawn every weekend.

Leila and Andrew had a lot of boxes to check in order to make the Buy and Sell worth it for their family. They don’t want to pay high strata fees if they go the attached route and, most importantly, they want the sale of their townhome to accommodate an upsize that also feels like an upgrade. 

Here’s How We Helped Them:

First, we ranked the wants separately to calibrate their individual priorities. Luckily, with this couple, there were only 2 items that weren’t in sync- yard space and large dogs allowed. Next, we needed an honest financial profile, a fair market perspective, and a timeline. 

Selling a townhome in Queensborough can be a challenge due to the rapid new development and townhouse inventory available. Newer or move-in ready homes in Port Moody are competitive, but this is our town!

We pre-screened every property that suited their situation. We brought in a financial magician that has worked with many of our clients in the past, and we found a property that afforded the lifestyle they wanted without compromising location, size, and quality.

The couple did have to give up on a detached house, but the townhome they fell in love with was worth it. Simply, they had a budget and we had to stick to it. Once we decided that a townhouse the entire family could enjoy (with garden potential!) was a better place to pack in the dollars, the timeline fell in to place.

We found them an absolute stunner, with the square feet of a detached home, and a walkout basement to a huge yard! Yes! There are some huge, well-maintained townhomes in Port Moody that will save buyers some big bucks. Detached can easily add on several hundred thousand dollars right from the start without even considering future home maintenance and property taxes.

We like to share this story because, Leila and Andrew didn’t get exactly what they thought they wanted. When we got down to the core of the wants it was clear- They wanted space to grow the family, and they got it.

The couple got a beautiful townhome a short walk to the best schools in the area, yard space (strata maintained…you are welcome Andrew!), and a stress-free future with financial stability.

This story is special to us because real estate isn’t always about the traditional white picket fence and detached dream. It’s about life. Thank you, Leila and Andrew, for letting us share your story!

The sale of their townhome- Once we evaluated the market we helped keep our clients focused. A straight forward list of wants is extremely important. Buyers get stuck and need professional, honest guidance. With an aggressive marketing campaign we were able to sell their townhouse within two weeks and line up the sale perfectly with the upsize purchase in Port Moody. 

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