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Lets Talk About Why Your Home Is Not Selling

Lets Talk About Why Your Home Is Not Selling

Your home is up for sale and it’s time to do everything you can out of the gates. You must impress and have a great first impression. But also be ready to understand the market and how it changes through time.

Think about this for a moment. Market value is truly how much a Buyer is prepared to pay for a home and how much the Seller is prepared to accept for their home. While agents look to recent and nearby comparable sales to help us predict what that market value might be, market value is actually dictated by the Buyers and Sellers.

So when it comes to the issue at hand of why your home is not selling. Then maybe you should look at some key factors to the puzzle.


Lets Talk Marketing…

  • Your home is now for sale but no one is calling to view it. This means there is an issue with your marketing.
  • Professional photos are a must. Enough with these iPhone or smart phone pics…are you kidding me. They are blurry.
  • It’s not hard for your agent to add info on to the MLS listing. Where are the measurements or description of what is selling. Make us want to buy this home sight unseen. Let’s create a sense of urgency.
  • You can’t just rely on MLS. If your agent doesn’t have traffic to their website or marketing on Social Media, this is a red flag.

Lets Talk Price…

  • Maybe your agent has done their part with the marketing but no one cares. This means you have a problem.
  • Have you received offers from buyers and they seem to all fall within one range of prices. This is your market speaking…Just because you want a price for your home doesn’t mean it’s worth that.
  • Maybe the market has altered since you listed your house and you haven’t adjusted your price to reflect the new reality.

Lets Talk Showing Your Home…

  • If a buyers can’t get in to see your property when it’s convenient for them. There’s an issue that must be fixed.
  • Don’t be home during any of the showings. This is not a good sign and will only work against you.
  • I love pets but not everyone does. Think about taking your pets out of the house during showings.
  • It should be easy for a buyers agent to book appointments.

Lets Talk About Your Agent….

  • You have a problem if your agent isn’t giving you feedback, updates and keeping you informed about what’s happening to the other houses for sale in your neighbourhood.
  • Your agent should be constantly adapting to the market. They should be thinking new strategies to get your house sold and implementing new marketing.
  • If your agent just listed your house on the MLS and is expecting it to sell itself. Then you are set up to fail.
  • Ask your agent about staging…It’s a powerful tool that should be considered.

Lets Talk About Your Motivation

  • Are you really ready to sell or are you really just testing the market.
  • Be in the right head space to sell.
  • Don’t take bad offers personally. I get that there are memories made in this home.
  • You aren’t listening to what the market is telling you, because it doesn’t really matter.
  • When it’s time to sell don’t be that person who wants what you want, and if you don’t get it, that’s ok.

I hope this helps a bit. I’m not here to say that you should hire me as your agent, but that would be a good thing. I see so many things out there and I truly wonder what sellers are thinking when they hire agents. Remember Realtors work for you and they should be doing everything in their power to sell your home. Not just take it for granted and try to push it through the machine.

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