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You Can’t Choose Your Neighbour, You Can Choose Your Neighbourhood.

You can’t choose your neighbour, you can choose your neighbourhood.

This is one of the best things about Real Estate.

You are not forced to buy in any specific area or any specific town. It’s all up to you. So why not think about and consider buying in a great neighbourhood. Things to think about are the fact that the walkability of an area you live goes a long way. By that is being able to walk to some great stores or trails, maybe even to work if that’s your cup of tea. You will so much happier if you do this, trust me. There’s nothing worse than choosing to live in an area that sucks to you, to you though. Some areas are better for others…Meaning if you want to drive everywhere and you want peace and quiet great, maybe out-of-town is your vibe. If you are young and want to walk to transit, trails, breweries, water and shopping then great too. Just know what you want and trust you can find it.

Now what is out of your control is your neighbour. There is a given chance that you may end up with a nightmare person next door. But it’s really what you make of it. They may play loud music, cook some terrible smelling food or walk around naked all the time. I mean that could be a good thing too really. But it bring sit all around to being sure you know what you are getting into in terms of a neighbourhood. What’s really important to you and making sure you voice that with your Realtor. But if they are good at their job and truly care about their clients they should already know what and where suits you best.

These are some up and coming neighbourhoods in Greater Vancouver to think about.

Port Moody – There is so much growth about to happen here it’s about time to consider investing in its future. The skytrain is now out here. Plus the demographic is great for young and new families. Close to the water, local craft breweries and trails for running and walking.

Read more about its future here. 


Coquitlam – Also a lot of growth happening here. The new skytrain has had  big impact. Great place to invest if even if you are looking for an investment property, think about finding a place to rent to a student going to Douglas College. There will be up to 10,000 new homes in the next 20 years here.

Read more about its future here


Burnaby – Burnaby is the first city just outside Vancouver, yet it’s so close that really it feels like you are in the heart of it still. Many locals are headed out of the downtown core and looking for a new place to call home. Yet they still work downtown and want to be close to hustle but may be over living in the hustle. The best advice to consider is the walkability to transit and the skytrain line. Every successful investment right now is in and around that single factor. Areas that I like right now are Capital Hill, Vancouver Heights and Brentwood.

Burnaby Developments to think about here.


New Westminster – I have special place in my heart for New West. It used to get such a bad rap but I’ve lived here for a couple of years and I see so much potential. The areas that really need to be kept informed of are the Quay, and Downtown. So much going on right now that this is going to be pricey very soon. Already is but still room to go, right now I’ve seen condos going for $100,000 over asking. So if its been on your mind to think outside of the city. This might be the time to jump on it. If New West thinks about the potential of this ferry service, exactly like the one in False Creek to Granville Island. It will be such a smart investment on their side.

Read about here.


There’s always so much on the go in and around every city and town. But it’s best to be informed and that’s really up who you choose to get you r info from. Please let me know your thoughts.

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