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January 24, 2018
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The Perfect Date Night In Port Moody

Port Moody Date Night

The Perfect Date Night In Port Moody

It can also be just a great time with friends too!

As you can tell by now. I’m a huge fan of Port Moody and what it has to offer.
So today’s blog is going to be about those times when you’re looking for something to do. Something a little different but still around what Port Moody has to offer.
This is a date night that I recently went on with my Fiancée. It was one of the best times I’ve had here. I’m already looking to rinse and repeat it with her again.
So it all started on a random night that she told me, we need to go on a date soon. “It’s been so long since you and I went on one“. She in a round-about but direct way said “you should take me out on a date” which we all know means It should be soon and by soon I mean very soon. So I knew I only had a couple of days to pull this off.
A couple of days went by and I was racking my brain on what to do. I wanted to keep it local and still make it different from what we usually do. We love going and walking the area, usually down the trails towards Rocky Point then hit up a brewery, food truck and head home. Maybe we stop at Browns for cheap pizza night (Sunday or Monday) or sushi.
But this time I had to think about what we haven’t done and what would make for a great night. I did all this research and realized there needs to be more info and resources to help others out in this situation. So I had to think outside the box, and I remembered driving by a couple of places that I keep saying to myself that we need to go there someday. That’s when I decided that this is what we are going to do.

Here’s the date night as it unfolded;

This is a great time that should be done if you are looking for something different to do on a date night.
  • So I called the Countdown Escape Rooms which is in Coquitlam but really only a 2 minute drive from Port Moody. I’ve heard about them but have never done it before. But have heard from many friends that it’s a lot of fun. Really not knowing what to expect I asked what would be a good Escape package to do. They had four to choose from at the time. After talking to the staff I decided to go with a middle of the road Escape Room that was good with only 2 of us. So I booked the Underwater Adventure, don’t worry it’s not actually underwater. It’s a great adventure to do for 2 people as it’s challenging but fun at the same time. It was a little confusing at first as we had never done one of these before. Once we got going and things started to make sense, the race was on to finish and escape the room before time was up. We ended up doing it with 10 seconds left to go.
  • Now that we were done it was time to head off to the next stop. What was next she was thinking and I was also wondering too as I needed to waste some time before dinner. So I really thought, well when it comes to date night you should have something that you both enjoy involved. That’s exactly what we did, off to one of our favourite spots. We had to go into Yellow Dog Brewery and have a flight of beer before we went onto the next place. It just felt right and this time was a little different then usual. It was the first time we’ve been here when they had live music. The place was alive, everyone seemed engaged and having a great time. My fiancée was starting to get hungry and was thinking this was it for the night. She was thinking I guess we’ll just go for sushi and home. Unknown to her I had something else planned, something again that was new to us both. She just didn’t know that the first step was to get that hunger going. So we finished our beer and off we went.
  • Where are we going now she was thinking. Well I said it’s time we try another place, one that was new to us both. We ended up to an amazing and great restaurant called Pizzeria Spacca Napoli. I’ve being wanting to go here for a while. I’ve driven by this many, many times before and it looks so cool and rustic, especially at night. It again was perfect timing as we got a window seat. The experience and atmosphere blew me away. It’s a must go and I guarantee you will be doing it again for sure. We had a great server who had to be Italian as she had the accent and everything she said sounded amazing. She romanced all this great food, pizza and wine. We were hungry and had a hard time deciding what to eat. So we went with her recommendations and we were very pleased. It doesn’t matter what you get as it’s all good but you must have a Pizza, that’s a given. Just ask the staff what to order and let them guide you in the right direction.
This is my take on a recent great date night we’ve had in Port Moody.
What have you done and where would you go on your date night?
Contact me and let me know.
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