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May 14, 2018
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September 17, 2018

The truth about backyards and your pup!

Give your pup the backyard she deserves.

Okay guys, you win. Let’s talk about backyards in BC. Before we dive in, I need to make one thing clear- Backyards take maintenance! If you don’t know what a garden spade is, then make sure your back yard is maintained by a STRATA, or better yet, your backyard could be a short walk away! Strategically buying next to your favourite parks and rec. areas is just as good (and many times- better) as buying a house with a yard. If your pooch is a family member then you must keep her in mind when planning your next move.

Learn from other’s mistakes– A client was dead set on a house with a yard for the family dog. He packed up the family and moved out of the city where they could afford a bigger piece of property. Well, the dog spent all of his time inside during the rainy and cold seasons (no muddy paw prints in the new house!)…and all of his time inside when it was hot… and the family had to DRIVE 25 MINUTES to the nearest dog park, 10 minutes to the school field (where dogs really weren’t allowed to play), or 40 minutes to Buntzen Lake dog beach! The dog only used the yard as an out-house, and the bags of poo were not fun to deal with because the family was accustomed to tossing them in the public waste bins by the park (where they used to live!).

If you have a big dog like I do, a close by nature trail or park is vital. You get out of the house, and you’re not destroying your backyard trying to play fetch. Anyone who has lied to themselves about having a backyard dog knows I’m right! Even if you are a billionaire and can afford to raise a family of human children in Vancouver, you still need to be positioned next to outdoor play spaces that you’re not responsible to maintain. Do not be fooled by the mystique of backyard BBQ-ing.

Great place to raise a pup in the TriCities? PORT MOODY! Port Moody is an extremely dog friendly city. There are numerous dog friendly parks, beaches, trails, and adventures! Most outdoor seating at coffee shops and restaurants throughout the city have doggy accommodations. Even Barnet Marine Park has an epic dog park with its own beaches (that’s right, multiple beaches!). Unfortunately for health and safety reasons dogs are no longer allowed in the breweries (lame), but there are THREE nearby (I’m talking next-door to Brewer’s Row) doggy daycares that have very affordable drop-in options available for dogs that need to blow off some steam while you down the newest seasonal pint.

Yes, a house with a yard is amazing! But, before you pack up the family, make sure you consider seasonal and weekly maintenance and cleanliness. Try keeping an outdoor plant alive for one full year-  if you let it die…skip the yard. If your tomato plant survives the winter- proceed to level 3 of home ownership- yard it up! Make sure your new property is close to some pet-friendly amenities. You’ll thank me later.


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