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5 Great Things About Living in Coquitlam

5 Great Things About Living in Coquitlam

So Let’s Talk About What I Love In The Area.

Coquitlam is by far the largest city in the Tri-Cities and really this list could have 10-20 things on it. So for now in this first part I want to outline the things I love about Coquitlam. I hope you enjoy!

1. Town Centre Park & Lafarge Lake: A 1.2-kilometre trail loops this popular urban lake in Town Centre Park, offering views of both mountains and the city. This is right in the town centre and is home to many sporting events and activities year round. A great place to walk and clear your head while not having to stray too far away to some of the other local trails. Only steps away from the Lafarge Lake Skytrain Station.

‘Tis the season to mark down this event in your calendar. The Lafarge Lake Lights is a free attraction with community engagement, family fun, and plenty of photo opportunities! Follow the path  around the lake and you’ll go through themed light zones.

2. The Trails: I’ve recently moved to Port Moody and we head to Coquitlam a lot to use the trail systems. We have a dog and we need us some great trails. She has a lot of energy and we need to venture to areas that we can have her off leash and ripping around. We’ve found some great ones so far and there’s even more to find. But to name a few that I recommend I would start with;

Be sure to click on these links to learn more about each of them. 

  • Woodlands Trail is a great hike for you and your dog. This is up Burke Mountain right near the Port Coquitlam and District Hunting and Fishing Club. You will hear the gun shots in the background for the first part of the hike. But as you make your way up the mountain and trail, those sounds will disappear and you will be in the nature that you want. As you go along the trial, there are a couple different water falls to go and check out. Great in the summer time to get into and cool down. Also a great watering hole for you pooch, it’s always great to keep in mind the water access for them. There are two portions to this trail, so when you get to the first top and it opens up at the power lines, be sure to keep going as the trails continue after the opening and back into the forest you go. This is a popular spot for mountain biking so be sure to keep an eye out for them.
  • Mundy Park trail is a great off leash trail system. A small portion of it technically is only off leash but for the most part you can get lost in the trails for a couple of hours if you want and have your dog off leash the whole way. Be sure to abide by the bylaws as dogs are really only allowed off leash up until 10am. But this is a great spot to go for an early morning walk or run with your dog.
  • Crystal Falls is a great place to go running with your dog or exploring with friends. We have had some great runs through this trail system and it’s a good mix of easy and technical terrain. True to its name is the fact that when you get to the end you will run into another great waterfall. It’s a good spot in the summer as you can go down and hangout in the water to cool down.
  • Coquitlam Crunch is a good workout for those looking for one. I wouldn’t recommend it for your dog but they are allowed when on leash. It’s a mini little Grouse Grind and many times you’ll see water bottles and sweaters left at the bottom. A lot of people will use this as their daily workout routine as they go up and down the crunch.

3.Mariner BreweryEveryone know about Brewers Row in Port Moody. If you don’t, then be sure to check that out if you can as well. Click Here to read my previous blog on Port Moody and Brewers Row. What’s great about all this is that the craft beer industry has made its way to Coquitlam. Just recently Coquitlam got its first Brewery, Mariner Brewery. Here’s a recent write-up about it in the Tri-City News. This is another write-up from the Georgia Straight. It’s been open for a few months now and they are consistently growing. Some new beers are finally making their way out to the people. What’s great about this place right now is that it’s a hidden little secret at the moment. Probably not what the owners want but right now this place has a great feeling and is not always jam-packed. It still has that great small craft brewery feeling that others have lost along the way. As their modo goes here and true to life – Set No Path, Never Be Lost.

4.Lafarge Lake-Douglas Skytrain Station: It hasn’t been here long and it already has made a big impact. It has helped raise the prices of Real Estate and also made it an option for some to relocate. The suburbs have always been the suburbs but now this area of Coquitlam and Port Moody are within only 40 minutes from downtown. This has made these suburbs a now sought after place to live.

5. Trapped Coquitlam: When it comes to things to do in Coquitlam, it is hard to come up empty. As by far Coquitlam is the biggest of the Tri-Cities and this list could be 10 or 20 things to do in Coquitlam. But I would definitely recommend checking this out. It’s a great beginning to a date night or a fun adventure with friends. An hour of adventure trying to find your way through and out of these escapes rooms. They become addicting and fun, engage your mind and give you something to talk about. A great adventure that allows you to be in the moment, away from your phone and solving problems. Consider checking this place out, maybe check out a movie or go bowling afterwards too.

If you think about it from a Real Estate perspective. Living in an easily accessible area and having a great neighbourhood to live in makes your investment appreciate faster in value. You don’t have to sell your place but knowing that one day when you decided to retire and want to make that move down south, this helps with those goals.

I hope that you find some value in this write-up. Be sure to keep checking back as I’m sure there will be a Part 2 one day soon.

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