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April 4, 2018
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This Is Why Your House Isn’t Selling

I’ve seen again and again. Most of the time I’m kind of happy when I see it. Cause it means that what we do is 10 times more than other Realtors out there. I get that the market in Vancouver is hot. But that doesn’t mean your agent can take your asset for granted, nor should you let them.

What I mean by that is, so many times I talk to people who are selling their home. They put it up for sale with an agent who doesn’t know the area they are selling. An agent who doesn’t spend any money on marketing your home. An agent who convinces sellers that iPhone photos are good enough.

I’m here to implore you to consider your options. Consider your home and what you truly deserve in the sale of your biggest investment in your life. Here is why your home isn’t selling nor will it sell for what you want it to.

You Have a MARKETING Problem if…

  • Few people are making appointments to see your home.
  • The photos are terrible or non-existent.
  • There is minimal information on your MLS listing: no room measurements, no captivating description of your home.
  • Your agent’s website gets 50 visitors a month and she thinks online marketing means having your house on realtor.ca
  • Your agent doesn’t have a website at all or a social media presence.

You Have a PRICING Problem if…

  • You’re getting lots of showings and no one is making an offer.
  • You’ve received offers from a few Buyers and they are all clustered around the same price (and it’s not your asking price).
  • The market has declined since you listed your house for sale and you haven’t adjusted your price to reflect the new reality.

You Have a PRODUCT Problem if…

You Have a SHOWING Problem if…

  • Potential Buyers can’t get in to see your property when it’s convenient for them.
  • You’ve restricted appointment times to 15 minutes with a 12-hour notice period
  • You’re home during the showings.
  • Your agent doesn’t show the property, they just use a lockbox and let the buyers agent do all the work.
  • Your agent’s office doesn’t have a receptionist or answering service, so it’s hard for other agents to book appointments.
  • You have flies or insects during the showing. It gives out a bad vibe. Time to call up a pest control company.

You Have a STAGING Problem if…

  • People can’t easily understand how the rooms are supposed to be used or how the TV can face the couch.
  • Potential Buyers are too distracted by the clutter and mess to see the house.
  • You don’t stage at all.
  • Your home is completely empty. You or your agent must put some effort into it.

So now that you’ve heard my rant. Let’s ask a simple question, should you use an agent that does any of this? Maybe you should consider an agent that goes above and beyond. Maybe you should consider an amazing team like ours, Garbutt+Dumas Real Estate Team. There’s a reason we sold over 150 homes and had $120,000,000 in sales last year (2017) alone.

Let’s talk today and give your most valuable asset the love it deserves.

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