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How To Get Real with Your Real Estate Goals

Real Estate Goals

How To Get Real with Your Real Estate Goals

Let’s get REAL about Real Estate Goals…In today’s day and age especially in Greater Vancouver and it’s surrounding areas like Port Moody and the Tri-Cities. If you want to own a detached house it may be easier doing so in your dreams than your reality. I’m going to give you some quick tips on how to make these ‘DREAMS COME TRUE.

What is it that you actually want and can you achieve it? That’s up to you and I’m here to help. Maybe you want to own a condo or even a house but are not sure if that will ever be a possibility. I’m here to tell you it is…YES it is. Listen to yourself and stop listening to the naysayers, if you want it then go out there and get it. But how?…

Here’s a small check list to consider when jumping into the market.

  1. Owning a home is the absolute single biggest source of savings for Canadian homeowners.
  2. Your payments ultimately build equity…think about it, if you’re renting where does your money go?…to the owner.
  3. Unlike other investments that can evaporate, when you buy a home the increase in its value is pretty steady.
  4. The return on investment for a house can be substantial. I would recommend that you own for at least 5-10 years before selling, that way you can update the property and get some great money out of it.
  5. You can use the equity in your home as security for other loans.

There are so many more things to consider. So your first step should be to contact a Realtor® that you trust. One that understands you and your needs.

This is my shameless plug to say…You should consider talking to me!

I’ll leave you with this…a good infographic to help you, the buyer.

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