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December 2, 2020
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December 2, 2020

Graham and Arianna – First Time Home Buyer

Graham and his wife Arianna were ready to buy their first home! This young couple had a 1-year-old and were looking to finding a larger home to grow their family.  In today’s era, it is difficult to manage child expenses as well as invest in real estate property, but Graham and Arianna persevered with both of them employed and working long hours during the week.

While Graham’s wife, Arianna works in Port Coquitlam, in a private firm, Graham works in Coquitlam. Even though they were struggling financial-wise, they managed to rent the first floor of a 2-story home. The living space allowed them to accumulate high funds for a considerable down payment. However, the income was quite low, in relation to the higher down payment.

Even though they liked the home they were living in, they needed a bigger living space as they were planning to grow their small family. Instead of an apartment, they were looking to invest in a townhome in the tri-cities area with an additional bedroom, a patio, and a large yard for the children to play.

The couple couldn’t decide what neighbourhood they wanted to settle down in and couldn’t get on the same page. Thus, we built a strategy specific to the couple’s real estate problem. 

Here’s How We Helped Them:

Firstly, we narrowed down Graham and Arianna’s neighbourhood/residential area choices. The 2 lists were not coherent but ultimately, we refined the area to Port Moody. Fortunately, both of them, Graham and Arianna, found the area appealing for peaceful living. Close to shopping, parks, and coin-operated washers and dryers/parts. After that, we searched for homes that both people liked in order to assess the couple’s expectations and living requirements. Hunting down a perfect home for a family of 3 and 1 on the way is not easy as it seems.

As Graham and Arianna had agreed to reside in Port Moody, we started our search from there. Not to forget, they had to upsize to a bigger home under $900K. Our team patiently waited and inspected all the right townhomes for Graham and Arianna until they found a perfect one. Fortunately, we were able to get them a spacious home under $900K. Graham and Arianna, both were happy and satisfied with their real estate upsizing. 

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