Sold – 160 1100 E 29th St., North Vancouver
November 26, 2020
Graham and Arianna – First Time Home Buyer
December 2, 2020

James and Kathleen – Downsize Success Story

James and Kathleen were ready to Downsize! They were a soon to be retired couple who lived in a gorgeous superbly-built home with a large landscaped yard with a patio.

Their real estate property was located in Port Moody, a good neighbourhood area where many couples and young families long to have a home. Due to the high-maintenance requirement of the patio, landscape, and the size of the home they wanted to opt for real estate downsizing.

They had no deadline as to when they needed to sell their home and find the best place for their retirement.

James and Kathleen, both were expecting to get a great price for their home so that they could shift to a small yet luxury two-bedroom condo, which was right for them, given they had no children.

But their expected price was too high for the real estate market. Soon after, they decided to contact us to help them sell their spacious house. They were not aware of the selling tricks and protocols. 

Here’s How We Helped Them:

Firstly, we advised them to put the real estate sale on hold for a while. They were planning to sell the house in November or December.

But the market is quite low in the winter season, mostly due to the holidays. As per our expert advice, they waited until April and May to sell their home. It was at this time that they created a real estate listing with our intuitive real estate photography and marketing. It attracted numerous buyers.

James and Kathleen were still unsure of how the listing worked. They did not know a seller’s ideal list price. They were a bit stubborn and stuck to their selling price during the first listing.

When no buyers came due to the high selling price, we adjusted the selling price in the listing. 

After weeks of waiting and expecting, the listing finally made progress in the real estate market. Buyers kept coming to inspect and check out the house and the neighbourhood.

It is best to sell a house with a slightly more active real estate market. When the market is high, the market value of up-for-sale houses goes up.

We convinced James and Kathleen to wait until April and May so that they can get the expected selling price for their beautiful yet spacious 5-bedroom home.

The house made immense progress in the first 2 weeks. It attracted a lot of high-end buyers.

The sellers, James and Kathleen ended up selling the house $60,000 above the listing price. Soon after we were able to help them find their perfect condo for a great price so they could settle down and enjoy a peaceful retirement.

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