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February 25, 2018
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5 Reasons You Should Hire A Millennial Realtor

Millennial Realtor

There are a lot of options when it comes to hiring your next Realtor. There are so many of us out there. I get it and understand if you think I’m not right for you. But what I can tell you is there is a true reason that you should give me a chance to win you over. I’m young but not too young, I’m experienced but not jaded and I have the confidence needed to make you money!

So why should you consider hiring a Millennial Realtor?

  1. Response Time – I can personally guarantee you won’t be waiting around for that response. It will probably be instant too, chances are we’re on our phones already. We don’t work just a 9-5 job, as Entrepreneurs we are 24/7. If you contact us we will get back to you anytime of day.
  2. Involved Emotionally – I like to think of this as a great thing. If something doesn’t go your way or ours. Like an offer not being accepted or if a transaction falls apart in a sale, we don’t just move on with the day as if nothing happened. We are actually going to take it to heart to find a way to go above and beyond the next time. Waking up the next day more determined to make sure the next deal does go through. We hate failure but we know its part of the job and choose to learn from it.
  3. Socially Aware – Pretty much all Millennial Realtors don’t have a team of assistants working for them. You will be talking to us directly and we will be sitting at our own Open Houses. We can hear it in your voice if you are disappointed but we know how to fix that. We can see when someone is really excited about a property and will be sure to not sit on our butts at the Open either. This is our time to sell the place!
  4. They Understand Technology – It seems that there are new Apps out everyday but that’s what we live for. Your listings or the listings you are looking at will be advertised through all sorts of social media platforms. So doesn’t it make sense that you deal with a Millennial Realtor® that knows how to use FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInPinterest and more… This is a chance to have your property viewed by thousands of extra people. Trust me there are so much more. We will market the ‘you know what‘ out your listings. How many people are really looking at Newspapers for a property nowadays? By the time you read it there, your Millennial Realtor® has already sold it or had you buy it before anyone else had the chance. We are always on the go, updating that new Blog post or ad at the coffee shop and restaurants.
  5. We Celebrate With You – We are just as happy for you that your place sold or that your offer has been accepted. Sure that means we are getting paid our commission but it also gives us a certain piece of pride that we are successful at what we do. So let’s go out and celebrate together, pop some bottles of Champagne, have some shots or have a few beer.

So it makes sense to me…How about you? Will you hire a Millennial Realtor?

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