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Why List in the SPRING?

Why List in the SPRING?

Are you on the fence about listing your property this Spring? Your most profitable window may be closing according to a Canadian Study! If you’re thinking of selling your house and want to get the best price, today might be your best bet for doing it.

A Toronto based real estate website,, has tabulated sales data from 2010-2015 and calculated that the entire month of May is one of the most popular months to buy a home, with more homes changing hands across the Greater Toronto Area during the month of May last year than any other month (Plus! They say Friday is the most profitable day of the week to LIST…hmmm). If that doesn’t motivate you, the Canadian Real Estate Association conducted their own study from 2007-2016 and they found nearly the exact same conclusion. What does this mean for us over here on the West Coast? Well when it comes to real estate, our beautiful city seems to mirror and slightly overtake the East. So listen up!

The study noted that May not only sees more home buyers out on the market, but home buyers are also willing to part with more dollars. I can think of many obvious reasons that validate this trend. First, as a parent, I would definitely want ample time to get my family settled in a new home before the start of the next school year. I’d want my kiddos to get to know the new hood, make some friends, and explore the school before the year starts. And second, more daylight and better weather means more business for most markets, especially the real estate market. People are just happier during the Spring and they are finally hitting the streets.

This study went further to note a significant financial perk to Sellers. How much more? They calculate the premium average around $20,000-$25,000 more than the price you’d get during the rest of the year. Wow! That’s enough extra cash to make a big difference in your future home purchase (or bank it!).

“Year after year, May has blown away sales expectations,” TheRedPin founder Rokham Fard said. “With the year’s sales so far, we’re expecting the market to explode over the next few weeks.”

There you have it people! Check my next blog for tips to get your house in tip top shape to LIST!

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